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  • 500 Gift Points at start

  • VersionSeason 3
  • EXP200x
  • Drop60%
  • Reset LvL380
  • Points P/LvL5/7
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  • VersionSeason 3
  • EXP9999x
  • Drop90%
  • Reset LvL350
  • Maximum Points32767
  • Pointer P/LvL5/7
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Skills, Characters, Gears... The Classic always Win!

MU Online has evolved trough the years but the Classic will always be in everyone's heart. Enjoy and feel the nostalgia playing the best classic Version of MU Online!

Classic Skills Combat

The classic style of PvP and PvE Combat, show your skills!

Classic Characters

Play with your favorite characters, you can choose from Dark Knight, Elf, Magic Gladiator and Dark Lord

Classic Mounts & Gears

Farm and create your favorite classic gears and mounts, the Fenrir Gold are waiting!

Classic OST & UI

Enjoy the nostalgic sound effect's, song themes and interface

Nostalgic Media

Time to get Nostalgic!

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